Balto – Airplanes

“When I wrote “Airplanes,” I was thinking about the crushing loneliness that comes out of being far from home, the idealism that has put my friends and I in that sort of position, and the yearning for something simpler that often comes out of that experience.”

-Dan Sheron, Balto – American Songwriter

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Directed by Quinn Allan
Director of Photography – Zach Carter
Key Grip – Jeff Hammond
Camera Assistant – Johnny Buell
Story by Daniel Sheron
Written by Daniel Sheron and Quinn Allan

Harrison Edington as “Kid”
Nicholas Salamone as “Man”
Luke Beckel as “Bathtub Guy”
Krissy Beckel as “Bathtub Girl”

Created by Mongrel Studios – a Portland-based multimedia production company. Shot in May 2013 in Northeast Portland, OR and Kelley Point Park (North Portland, OR).


As a child I looked at airplanes
Learned all their technical names
I never could guess what they’d doAnd I spent my youth waiting in airports
Convinced of a purpose
I’m lit up, I’m love, I’m a man

And I’ve rented rooms that change with the seasons
I forget the reasons
The bottom falls out, I’m alone

I hid in the corner, the tanks on parade down below
Looking back homewards, shedding old tears for you

But can I stay with you just for a little while
Been trouble all behind
And lying here beside you
Hell I want to get it right this time


When I make it home I’ll hand out key-chains
And souvenir ashtrays
But I’ll save the full story for you

When I make it home, get a house like my brothers’
And be a good husband
All simple and static and whole

I’ll probably be older, when the fever burns out of my mind
But I gotta tell you, I’m lit-up, I’m filled up and trying