The Roomies

The Roomies

An under-employed and over-indulgent misfit aims to turn his life around through sobriety and religion while moving into the least supportive environment for either: an apartment with his old high school friends and indie band The Entropy All-Stars.

Matt Rua (Quinn Allan, Tandem Hearts) knows he’s no good. He knows that. How to change that is another matter.

Sobriety, chastity and Christianity seemed like a good start. Moving in with his old high school friends Chase (Geno Romo, Rid of Me) and Leland (Benjamin Farmer, The Falls) of belligerent indie band The Entropy All-Stars? Probably less so.

As temptations fill the apartment and old resentments boil to the surface, Matt struggles with his new ideals and new roommates while growing closer to Chase’s girlfriend, Irene (Katie Mentesana). Yet he may already have doomed more than just his redemption by unintentionally spurning the advances of a seductive stranger (Carly Carcione) on his last night of debauchery.

Featuring a cast loaded with up-and-coming Portland talent and set to an eclectic indie soundtrack, The Roomies is a bitterly comic drama about faith, friendship, love, hope and all that falling apart.

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