The Single Greatest Love Story of Our Time

True love faces it’s greatest test on the winds of change.

One Disgusting Thing That’s on Your Phone Right Now!

Studies show that 1 in 6 cell phones are contaminated with fecal matter.

Bras 4 Brahs

It’s Bras 4 Brahs, on Broadway – so your brahs don’t see your ta-tas.

Mighty Max’s Mustache Wax’s

Let Mighty Max teach you all about proper mustache care. Wax, cream, oil, he knows it all.

Unaired Skittles Commercial

A Skittles commercial held back to coincide with the in-production Skittles cinematic universe.

Fear Boner on VHS

Fear Boner – a rediscovered slasher classic that will leave you scared stiff. Bloopers:

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Haunting HannahJobs69

Supernatural. Super legit.
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FKBS Film School

Jibs 101

An informative tutorial on jibs that will surely provide you high production value and totally not waste your time.

Turds 101

Let the experts at FKBS teach you how to make high quality turds for your next major production.

Directing Actors for Film 101

Have you always wondered how big shot Hollywood directors get such amazing performances out of their actors?

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Johnny Reads His Tweets

Let's go watch that