Haunting HannahJobs69

Supernatural. Super Legit.

In the winter of 2014, YouTube personality HannahJobs69 began documenting the unusual paranormal activity surrounding her apartment. The following videos track her investigation and engagement with supernatural forces beyond current scientific understanding. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 11 – Crossing Over

StonerMcBoner420 moves into a new apartment… but is he alone? The shocking conclusion to the saga of HannahJobs69.

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 10 – Living Exorcism

HannahJobs69’s landlord doesn’t understand paranormal activity, condemning her to a living exorcism from her apartment.

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 9 – YKYFYS

BJ’s wiped out from helping HannahJobs69 with hunt ghosts. It’s so hard to relax when your sister won’t stop bugging you! And what even is YKYFYS?

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 8 – Supernatural Support

HannahJobs69 pulls double duty by providing her tech support customers with super legit supernatural support.

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 7 – Ghost Hunting

HannahJobs69 demonstrates the tricks of the trade of ghost hunting.

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 6 – The Corpse Whispering

HannahJobs69 learns that literally anything can be haunted by literally anything else as the corpse whispering continues.

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 5 – The Corpse Whisperer

HannahJobs69 recruits the twelfth highest ranked corpse whisperer on YouTube to attempt communication with her ghost via Ouija board.

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 4 – Specter of Doubt

BJ’s busy helping HannahJobs69 connect with super legit ghost hunters to help with her super legit supernatural problems. Who has time to deal with an annoying sister?

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 3 – Supernatural Witness

There’s no escape from the ghostly happenings in HannahJobs69’s new apartment. She calls her friend BJ over to witness the terrifying evidence for himself.

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 2 – Ectoplasmic Proof

Popular Youtuber HannahJobs69 tries to get to the bottom of the paranormal activity in her new apartment by performing an ectoplasm taste-test. What she discovers will shock you!

Haunting HannahJobs69, Ep. 1 – First Contact

Super popular Youtuber HannahJobs69 makes first contact paranormal activity in her creepy new apartment. What she finds in the shower will give you nightmares!

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