Kid Apoc – Leaving Las Vegas

It’s fear and loathing in the 616 as Kid Apoc and friends barrel through a Kick-fueled nightmare drive to nowhere.

The title track off of Kid Apoc’s latest release, Leaving Las Vegas infuses meta-critique of the current state of comics with a potent dose of Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo influence.

Download the three-song EP, Leaving Las Vegas, for free today!


Written / Performed by Quinn Allan
Produced / Engineered by Pwn Toney


Quinn Allan as Kid Apoc
Casey Crespin as Uncle Wade
Alysse Fozmark as Professor K
Jared Yanez as the Bad McCoy

Directed / Cut by Jared Yanez
Shot by Lance Page and Johnny Buell
Make-up by Vikki Johnson
Produced by Mongrel Studios

This is a fan-made tribute video intended for free distribution only. Kid Apocalypse, Dark Beast, and other mentioned characters are trademarks of Marvel Comics and respective copyright holders and this is in no way represented by Marvel Comics.