Enter Kid Apocalypse Mixtape

Nerdcore hip-hop tribute to the children of the atom. The Enter Kid Apocalypse mixtape is the debut release from Kid Apoc.

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The New Age of Apocalypse

Evan Sabahnur – Virtual Kansan, student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, the once and future Apocalypse. Struggling to adjust to life outside the World, Evan discovered nerdcore hip-hop as an outlet.

With beats by Broo the Brood and guest appearances by Dr. Hank McCoy in Age of Apocalypse drag as Dark Beast, Enter Kid Apocalypse is Evan’s mix-tape thesis on life as a Child of the Atom in the 616.

Editor’s Note: Enter Kid Apocalypse was recorded between the events of Uncanny X-Force #19 and #26.

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Crew Apocalypse


Kid Apocalypse – Quinn Allan

Dark Beast – Jared Yanez

DJ Broo Ha Ha – Andrew Parish

Wanda Maximoff – Carly Carcione

Video and Photography

Direction and Photography – Zach Carter

Graphic Design, Lighting and Additional Photography – Jeff Hammond

Make-up – Vikki Johnson

Kid Apocalypse, X-Men and all related properties © Marvel Entertainment. All rights reserved. Enter Kid Apocalypse is a fan tribute.