Kid Apocalypse – In the 1990s

Kid Apocalypse is back and he’s brought company. It’s a blast from the past with his song “In the 1990s” off the new album RE:GENESIS. Join the Kid and crew as they dive into the geeky nostalgia of the 80s and 90s!

Kid Apocalypse - In the 1990s
Harley Gold - In the 1990s
The Crew - In the 1990s

Directed by: Jon Garcia
Director of Photography: Johnny Buell
Edited by: Zach Carter
Produced / Engineered by Pwn Toney
Starring: Quinn Allan, Jamaal Harley, Janaye Diggs, Alysse Fozmark and Jeff Hammond
Special thanks to: Kerry, Sean, and Steve

Click here to download the full-length RE:GENESIS album free!