Teach Me – Whim Grace

Teach Me - Whim Grace Music Video

Fallen from space and taken in by the image of love, vibrant dreams bled as a new life’s taught.

“Teach Me” is the first single from Black Holes and Unicorns.
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“I would rather spend my time on this planet dreaming up color and painting impossibilities than being cemented in empty fear and grey nothing. I’ll spend my days dancing with windmills and continue dreaming the impossible dream.”

– WG

Rachel Meyer and Matt Nichols walking through a field in the music video for Teach Me


Whim Grace flying through space in the music video for Teach Me

Music and Lyrics by Whim Grace

Director/Editor : Jared Yanez
Director of Photography : Lance Page
Key Grip : Jeff Hammond
Grip : Kevin Forest
Grip : Brynden McNew
Key Hair and Makeup Artist : Jodi Vaughn
Assistant Hair and Makeup : Vikki Johnson
Assistant Hair and Makeup : Gabrielle Hailstone
Prop Master : Gillian Nicole
Album Art : Daniel Liam Gill
Associate Producer : Marty Beaudet – Faux Meme Productions
Executive Producer : Whim Grace

Whim Grace, full of stars in the music video for Teach Me

Rachel Meyer
Matt Nichols
Whim Grace

Danny Frye : Drummer
Salvatore Manalo : Guitar

Special Thanks:
Brynden McNew – Cine Rent West
Justin Phelps – The Hallowed Halls
Clarence Stone III – Portland Parks and Rec

A Mongrel Studios and Whim Grace production

All parts of this project were dreamed and created in Portland, Oregon

Copyright 2016 Whim Grace

Matt Nichols and Rachel Meyer discover a creature fallen from space in the music video Teach Me