The Return of Hydro-Man, Pt. 2

Much Ado About “The Return of Hydro Man, Part Two”

A tribute to the most cruel and unusual episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Here’s some art I made after I saw the episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series where Spider-Man finds out he married a hydro-clone and she evaporates while he claws at vapor, screaming. The art originally accompanied a five-part, novella-length dissection of the episode and the possible implication that the deranged Spider-Carnage trying to kill all realities in the series finale was not from an alternate reality after all, but the inevitable future where our own Peter Parker’s lost his mind after losing the love of his life twice and never getting her back at the end of the show. That was a good show.

(All images inspired by the Marvel characters created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and imagery from Spider-Man: The Animated Series [1994], c. Marvel Films Animation.)

Mary Jane Watson and the Eye

Mary Jane starts having nightmares that hint at where she came from before appearing at Peter Parker’s doorstep. This is from the start of the dream, apparently representing her awareness of her birth in a petri dish underneath a microscope.

Hold on, Mary Jane

Inspired by the scene where Peter Parker is “re-united” with “Mary Jane.” The actual scene was a little weirder since it also had the Punisher there and Harry Osborn tied up on the couch in his dad’s Green Goblin costume. I left those parts out.

We were made for each other

Miles Warren, hydro-clone Hydro Man and hydro-clone Mary Jane. The text is a fair bit of horrific foreshadowing from a Hydro Man quote in the episode.

Hydro-clone Mary Jane's last words

Hydro-clone Mary Jane’s last words before becoming a puddle. The last time Peter Parker saw the real Mary Jane, she was falling off a bridge into a river. I think at this point he’s done with red-heads and water.

Face it, tiger

Drying the costume’s going to be a heavy experience.